Christmas Notes

by jenniferbalboa


A few hours earlier today in Bulacan, on the dirt road in front of my parents’ nipa hut, three white cows passed by.


It was a family of cows, I guess. The biggest must have been the father, the mid-sized was the mother, and the kid cow was, well, their kid.


The father cow and mother cow were moving on side by side. Their kid was lagging a bit behind, just right behind the mother’s behind.


Holy cow apparition? It gets weirder.


Just a few minutes ago, as I was lying beside my hundred pound nephew on the lower bed of his double deck bed, as the two of us were wrestling, I happened to peer beyond the upper bed –


And since I was not intending to sleep yet, I still had my contacts on –


And for the first time, I noticed something on the ceiling of this bedroom which I never noticed before, despite my having slept here for so many times already –


Kodi has neon glow-in-the-dark sticker stars too. The same kind Mrs. Lykes has on the ceiling of her room.


“Meron pa ngang Saturn, o!” Kodi enthused, pointing out a glow-in-the-dark version of the ringed planet.


Ceilings as slates of re-assurance. Hope glows in the dark. Rightly so.