Thank you, Old And Grumpy. Here’s something to see you home.




Porn is pr0n because Old And Grumpy speaks computer language, aside from Cebuano.


He is too kind he could not be thinking I’m an idiot.


He looked really good and carried himself really well – not an inch a peon.


The ‘seven straight years of work and no vacation’ spell would be broken soon, as he has geared himself for travel.


The grandfather’s store was a furniture shop, not a sari-sari – so one could just imagine him actually living it up in the showroom, fancifully.


He did not say much about them folks, and I dared not ask.


He said he left CDO as everybody else does, to brave the big cities.


I guess he really isn’t alone.


He is not grumpy. And I felt no front.


He looked much younger than his age, and was one with the evening’s spirited air.


I guess he really is too kind he just would not think me loony for answering all my previous questions.


I forgot to ask if he ever watched Hey Arnold!.


What’s important is now I know what happened to his leg. And who was with him during the operation, aside from the doctor and all the rest of the hospital peons. And who took his photos. All proving that he was really taken care of, and never alone.


It was a comfort to hear him say that it doesn’t hurt anymore.