Since I’ve Been Wanting To Go

by jenniferbalboa



Another old timer. Been tugging at my skirt lately.








When I said I can sign away my limbs

As a means to indemnify,

All I meant was that I can keep still

And within what is left, be confined.


Not that I scheme to appeal for Mercy

To parry for me the blade in mid-air –

In the first place, no place is mine to relinquish.

I really have nothing but roaming to waive.


From most of this expanse, I should then disappear.

Then, should Patience still see the need to calm down

Its son, the one I struck, that one who says the wind

Could cripple him – he fears – should it follow him around,


Let Patience teach the bastard how not to breathe

This air we have no choice but to share.

I can sign away my limbs, but can he forgive?

He must, to skip hell and not meet me there.               





Jennifer Balboa


 (I believe a slightly different version appeared in Manila Bulletin’s Panorama, April 2, 2006. No big deal, some commas just morphed into dashes here.)