Only Lyrically

Month: September, 2009

The People Who Lined Up for Cine Europa 12



included my mother — she who hardly has any patience for and dozes off at any movie shown on TV. It was September 11 – the festival’s opening night, and her birthday. Yes, she shares her birthday with a dead, brilliant dictator, and with the 9/11 attacks, but she’s pretty past her own tragic phases, God bless her.

My invitation so impressed her – Shang-ri La, a European film! Her daughter has indeed come a long way from arguing with bag inspectors at flood-plagued SM Manila Cinemas, those men of power who come short of tearing apart pages of her books whenever they’d dig their sticks into her terrorist backpack.

Eventually mother must have thought that she’s been ripped off. She had to stand up in line for a ticket for at least an hour, had to eat her birthday dinner in less than thirty minutes because her daughter (who neither paid for the dinner nor for the free movie) was hurrying her up, then stand in line again before entering the theatre for another half hour.

In front of her in the line are a young couple, perhaps in their twenties, who smooched all throughout the wait. Behind her was an elderly woman alone who seemed to have found a new best friend in the person of another twenty-something girl who came in her lonesome too – the elderly woman hardly gave the girl, who hardly opened her mouth, a moment of peace – the woman was relating to the girl her entire job history in weirdly accented English.

I didn’t feel like reflecting about my job history to the person who found me my ten-year-and-just-recently-ended career as a civil servant. But I was cold, terribly cold. So I asked my mother to hold me tight while we stood there in line. And I kissed her as many times as the smooching couple did before us, pouting our lips playfully for every kiss, grunting at every bear hug.

Then I told her she’d be reading subtitles, to which she emphatically said Ha?!

I pouted my lips at her yet again for another kiss.




District 9 Glossary Of Terms



mothership – an iron cloud that can hang low for twenty years

aliens – any type of species that looks malnourished

malnourished – what is ill-fed or unhealthy based on human standards, and can be a ground for isolation, segregation, and discrimination

slum – where malnourishment, not the malnourished, is nurtured

eviction – the act of transporting malnourishment from one place to another

weapon – any implement that could help carry out an eviction (e.g. mothership)

angel – a bride

home – some place where an angel can keep flowers

flower – what a malnourished creates to pass the time



I hear

A few days ago, I wrote somewhere in some corner of this cold, queer, and ghostly cyber realm that perhaps, if God could only step out of His busy schedule, He would pull me by my ear, and point me to a corner, and yell the words: “wait on Me!”

I thought about it when I was directed to Psalm 27:14 (KJV) – “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage and He shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.”

Then I realized that actually, He has always pointed me to a corner, and everytime He does, the ear pinch gets harder, and His yelling more furious.

Perhaps it is my appointed corner which I should embrace. In time, He’ll open His arms and ask me to join the banquet. I bet I have a seat there somewhere.

I hope He’d have lots of wine. I’ve been really thirsty.