I have committed, when I started this blog, that there would be at least one post every month.

During the past couple of months, I have been intending to blog about the following:

1. the NIN Manila concert last August

2. a review of Years of Refusal

3. a review of Abnormally Attracted to Sin

4. the Korean film festival at the Shangri-La

5. the Italian film festival at the Shangri-La

6. the John Hughes film festival at the Shangri-La, and

7. me dreaming three days ago of my father in a wheelchair, accompanying me to a review assignment of some hotel supposedly next to the Shangri-La.

Obviously, I haven’t been able to do any.


I was able to do a couple of cartwheels over at Michipooh’s place, though, when I first got to visit and see where she lives, even spending the night over. The great house had a lobby, which was around six times the size of my place. I had more than enough room for a little run, to build up speed for better springing. When I woke up, my legs felt a tad bit painfully stretched. I need more practice. I need to be visiting more lobbies.

I’d love to write an entry called The Tao Of Michipooh.

But first, more music reviews – which was what this blog was supposed to be about – my repository of music pieces until I get my work put out in the music mags.

I hope November would nag me more to listen and write. At least before the air is invaded by Christmas songs. God bless them Christmas songs!

Mrs. Mark Hawley has a version of The Little Drummer Boy, too. And she’s finally made a Christmas album. Must be on the look out for that. Must write about that!

But this is really what I’ve been waiting for –

– and the music of course –

– Mr. Jonze is right, right! Music cues importance. And you do know you’re in the zone when you just feel like a kid. Maybe not knowing whether to howl ahoooooooooo, or do cartwheels.

Despite all the debate, with one of the wild things being called Carol, the film could not go wrong.

One of mine shall be named Caroline.