next attraction: all of ’em tough men

by jenniferbalboa

Quite surprisingly, the kids where I work, far as I know, still have not seen Sherlock Holmes. Me neither. I guess everybody seems to have been pretty much rendered broke by the holidays. Me too.

On Friday, I shall watch Sherlock Holmes. I cannot wait.

I remember seeing Robert Downey, Jr. as Charlie Chaplin. I saw the movie in Isetann Cinerama Recto, during a time when it was still pretty much posh. Well, not Makati or Taguig posh, but reasonably fancy. Going there now, inhaling the floor and the seats’ stench, one has to have a tough stomach. Maybe as tough as that of Chaplin, when he walked the slums of London then, impoverished.

He was my bet that year for best actor. But, if I have it right, he was up against Al Pacino in Scent of A Woman.

Pacino has no movie out this Oscar season, right? Maybe Downey’s Sherlock will have better chances.

I have to see it first. Come, Friday, come!

* * *

The kids are also talking about a movie with Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Colin Farrell and Heath Ledger. HEATH! Oh my dear departed Heath…

… it found me Googling soon as I heard about it:

… which also led me to learning that Terry Gilliam (“always look on the bright si-ide of life, parum, parum-parum-parum”) made it, and that Tom Waits (“yes it’s time, time, time”) also appears in it.

All these lovely men in one film. I wonder when Manila will see it.


… hmmm, nothing.

Thank God for that place in Manila, that place which also holds Isetann Cinerama Recto right in her underbelly, where you got to have a tough stomach yourself, to navigate. She can give this little movie junkie the cheap fix.

I am not naming her here (her name’s an open secret anyway). Have to protect her the best I could from those baton-swinging, uniformed toughies who wreak havoc on her streets from time to time — whenever she forgets to (as the Mafiosos put it) wet their stinking beaks.

Do those men read, anyway? I doubt it.