Only Lyrically

Month: March, 2010

a schedule for this project’s last twenty posts


1. 33/52 – In Rainbows

2. 34/52 – something on the song Across The Universe

3. 35/52 – something on Nick Drake

4. 36/52 – something on Tori Amos

5. 37/52 – something on Paul McCartney

6. 38/52 – You Are The Quarry

7. 39/52 – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

8. 40/52 – For Emma, Forever Ago

9. 41/52 – Idols Of Exile

10. 42/52 – Wilco

11. 43/52 – Beauty And Crime

12. 44/52 – Half The Perfect World

13. 45/52 – Where The Wild Things Are OST

14. 46/52 – Eddie Vedder’s music in film (Big Fish, Into The Wild, etc.)

15. 47/52 – Once

16. 48/52 – Dancer In The Dark

17. 49/52 – The Sound Of Music

18. 50/52 – Fame (1980)

19. 51/52 – 24-Hour Party People

20. 52/52 – a grace post

So it is written, so it shall be done.


“Shall I sing it is enchanted?”


Weather and astronomy folk say that three blue moons are scheduled to occur this year.

A blue moon is the second full moon of a month.

The first blue moon already occurred last January 30, after the full moon of January 1.

The second is about to occur tomorrow night, March 30, after the full moon of March 1.

The third will occur on August 31, after the full moon of August 2.

All in all, there will be three blue moons this year.

This is a rare treat, since a blue moon usually takes place only once every two and a half years.

And this year, we have three. Wow. Not to mention Venus, Mars, Mercury and Saturn, which, according to PAGASA, would be visible around these times, too. Other planets – Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune – will also be visible around 5:30 a.m. tomorrow.

The sky’s putting on a show, so let’s all look up, kiddos!

Yeah, I know it’s a blue moon, but I want to close up with something pink.



jai means victory

Today is March 25, 2010. And this is post no. 30.

I am wearing a plain red dress, like the girl who lets go of her red balloon, to see Rufus eye to eye.

I was going about my usual tasks when an earthquake shook everything up.

Just before the tremors hit, I was speaking to a friend, whose love and compassion and joy are all right now being tested, perfected.

She is entering her 33rd year, her Jesus year, as she noted. Perfect timing for all the perfection to be occurring.

We were talking about getting married, and of not getting married, and how everything is one and complete, and other simple yet life-altering things –

all to which, as she put it, the tectonic plates shifted.

Why? Because God is a poet. He is the truest one, the best!

Right now, I feel like I could let go of thirty red balloons. And I felt no fear when the quake shook our building.

It must have been that jai guru deva om song. Been playing the poor little song non-stop for days, weeks now. I was all blank while some of the kids I work with went dizzy.

Dizzied up by God, rocking our cradle.

I am a 31 year old girl, in a red dress. Without the balloon.




“limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns and calls me on and on across the universe”


because a mantra…

is something that you repeat…

over and over and over…



short and snappy when sleepy

I’ll make this quick because I need to sleep early for the next three days.

Maybe from here on I need to be sleeping a lot earlier. Anyway:

1) Happy birthday to Diwata! 😀

2) I am happy that I listened to Sunswirlies when she urged me to watch The Blind Side, which I missed on the big screen on account of my misjudgment of its Disney looking poster. Why? Because it was a wonderful film! And even more, it made me realize how wonderful Nick Drake truly is:

Watch the movie and go figure! 😀

3) I am ecstatic because Youtube finally has this version back, permitted in our third world region again!:


Now ain’t that fun! 😀

Sleep tight, kids!

This giddy feeling really makes me feel sleepy.