On Pink Moon

by jenniferbalboa

[Third life-in-music post for Project 52.]

Election day. I didn’t go. I am readying myself for all the criticism I know I’ll soon hear from friends who did vote.

I guess the good side to this, if there is, is that from this point on, I won’t have the right to complain against the lucky leader who’d be elected.

Whenever did choosing not to choose become criminal?

Take this guy singing “pink moon is on its way”. He made a choice. He acted on his choice. He’s dead now. Can’t blame him, really. He wanted to go, he went.

I can only guess.

Maybe, this was how it felt: he just wanted a little peace and quiet, but the neighbors next door were partying so hard he couldn’t rest. And torn between running away and keeping his ground, he found a way to compromise.

I first heard Nick Drake from Serendipity, then from The Royal Tenenbaums, then from The Lake House, then from The Blind Side.

Neither of the Nick Drake songs there appeared here in Pink Moon. This album is his swan song.

What an idiot.

Well at least he’s Nick Drake with three treasure troves of tunes that more than justify his going the way he did.

Meanwhile, I’m the idiot who was too lazy to choose. Listening to Pink Moon.

Actually, the record now is at the song Parasite, which goes:

“…Dancing a jig in a church with chimes
A sign of the times today
Hearing no bell from the steeple tall
People all in dismay
Falling so far on a silver spoon
Making the moon for fun
Changing a rope for a size too small
People all get hung

Take a look you may see me coming through
For I am the parasite who travels two by two…”

It’s always criminal not to care.

Last song, From The Morning.

I can’t find any clue from this record that he’s planning of escaping.

Hey, there I go again, not escaping – going. Saying escaping’s like saying he’s a cheat. He is not.

His time’s just up.