“like a riot like a riot oh!”

[seventh life-in-music post]

i haven;t had decent sleep for the last 50 something hours

been writing/reading almost non-stop

running on coke lights in can

i had the writer-at-my-right’s lunch of tortang talong

she had my tapa

this is turning out to be totally senseless and loopy eh?

oh, the record, i’m supposed to write about this funfunfun record…

you know where i discovered this band?

last year, August, Nine Inch Nails Live in Manila

they played the song at least ten times, alternately with other stuff, during set-up and soundcheck

i just found my butt itching to dance while sitting

i kept grooving on my seat til i got some looks from kids

hmmm kids

“so sentimental not sentimental no”

what infectious lyrics! what a motherfucking infectious melody!

i had to google the song immediately after the concert, and i found it, Lisztomania!

“like a riot like a riot oh!”

that, that riot thing was what registered to me, that was what guided me in finding the song

hearing it there at the araneta for the first time, i felt like a sixteener looking at a boy from afar who was slowly crossing the room for me, taking his time along with the beat, until he finally reaches me –

– and then we dance

“romantic not disgusting yet darling i’m down and lonely when with the fortunate only!”

“think less but see it grow like a riot like a riot oh!”

you do not forget a song like that

oh by the way i just heard here from work that Gin Blossoms is coming soon here in Manila


i wonder what i’m gonna here during soundcheck this time


the song’s got a vid!

and all the while i didnt know oh oh oh oh

i didnt know so that now i’ll have something new to behold

i feel like melting