Loneliness, Visiting

[tenth life-in-music post]

(For Dex)

I can hear bells here.

But I’m really just waiting for the Girl, Interrupted song.

“…beginning… feels like it’s ending… I can’t stand it…”

There’s a banjo, if I’m not mistaken.

I’m reminded of the Dan In Real Life songs played by Olib Oil at my left the whole night last night. Good kid with an old soul.

This guy just sang “my fragile family tree… watch me floating inches above the people underneath”.

I should read more poems I should hear more songs

He sounds as if he’s about to lose his breath at some notes. Hoarse from singing. Good.

Here’s the song!

{How To Fight Loneliness}

He gives us tips.

“Just smile all the time” he sings.

“…Shine your teeth ‘til meaningless,/ Sharpen them with lies/ And whatever’s going down/ Will follow you around./ That’s how you fight it./ You laugh at every choke./ Drag your blanket blindly./ Fill your heart with smoke…”

Those pianos suggest that the song can work too with a loungey arrangement.

And now it’s over.

What else is there in here?

The rest of the record.

A few more songs.

Actually, there’s halfway to go.

Here, the next one goes, “I’m coming home I’m coming home I’m coming home”.