Did she really live on the second floor? I did.

by jenniferbalboa

[eleventh life-in-music post]




Since I dished Wilco’s self-titled album anyway for their oldie Summerteeth in the previous post, I’ll deviate from the schedule a bit here yet again.

Doing away with Beauty & Crime. Taking up Solitude Standing.

Jesus Christ, there’s a video! All these years and I didn’t know there’s a video!

And that was my first Suzanne. And she sang true. You really just won’t be able to argue.

Suzanne, the storyteller, the minstrel.

I really don’t feel like writing today. It’s raining.

Back neck shoulder ache. And so cold.

I’m getting me some bread and soup.

Her songs work like bread and soup.

I can stand solitude with bread and soup.




I love you Miss Vega. Thank you.