“…transparent, weightless, luminous…”

by jenniferbalboa

[twelfth life-in-music post]

she’s alright she’s alright she’s been lonely before she sings

and yes she sounds like Billie a Billie who can play the guitar

tears don’t leave any scars she’s alright she’s alright


can I just skip ahead to Half The Perfect World?

how did she get Ned to write her a song?

she lost something to the summer wind she sings and I’m skipping


oh this one is golden

sorry, blue, it’s blue

“she tells you no and no again”


I sought her because of her take on this one

I don’t want to write I just want to sing along even along with the piano solo

tun tun tun tun everybody’s talkin’


for the first time, last week in Calaguas, I gave Tori Amos’ 1000 Oceans a rest

I sang Everybody’s Talkin’ and Half The Perfect World alternately instead, while in the waters

will sing these same songs in Marinduque


and we’re not at Half The Perfect World yet


I’m sleeping the next few ones off


caught just a few strains of the last song



I missed half the perfect world