Only Lyrically

Month: November, 2010

and it’s time time time


finished writing for the earth

finished captioning for the magazine

finished with work that feeds the belly

for the day

it’s now time to love

and love again and again and again

and always, love, loving

the hungry longing empty clean

white sheets


cue worksong



“In the next world war

In a jack-knifed juggernaut

I am born again

In the neon sign

Scrolling up and down

I am born again…

In a deep deep sleep

Of the innocent

I am born again…

In an interstellar burst…

In an interstellar burst

I am back to save the universe!”








[twentieth life-in-music post]



Yes, Selma, you’re singing the last song.


And if I may borrow from NU 107’s DJs —

and in anticipation of the real good work that lies ahead —

Project 52 is now signing off.

And A New Dawn Fades

[nineteenth life-in-music post]


Dear Santa,


It would really make me happy if you could give me a copy of 24 Hour Party People for Christmas.

Thank you very much. And Merry Christmas!







Fave From Fame

[eighteenth life-in-music post]



I remember being in high school and learning about this Alan Parker musical for the first time and not being able to make sense of “help me need you”.

Was even worried that maybe I’ve been hearing the lyrics wrong all the while. Maybe she’s singing something else. No google-check-for-correct-lyrics back in those days.

But we can check now…

Hmmmyep it’s “help me need you” alright.

Thing is, Out Here On My Own is not really my favorite Fame song, it’s I Sing The Body Electric which I truly love. But the scene where they play Out Here On My Own is the one which tugs at my heartstrings the most, particularly between 0:50 to 1:00 –



– because that’s when you know he’s falling for her, and he knows it.

Though she refuses to face it.

But we know what she really wants because she sings it.

And he knows it.

Maybe it’s the body electric.



Oh, and this one. Had to learn how to do the D minor chord back in high school so I could play this one on the guitar.




I want a guitar.




a diptych – second half

[seventeenth life-in-music post]

The Sound Of Music is anything but a comedy.

Both fell for the other – so previously, sometime somewhere, could Maria and the captain really have done something good?


And what happened after they climbed those mountains?

And for all my love for all their songs, may I play a joke?


a diptych – first half

[sixteenth life-in-music post]

Dancer In The Dark is anything but a tragedy.

Selma beat the tribunal — by giving in.

I can see her son seeing.

I can hear his heart sing ‘thank you’.


Once And For All

[fifteenth life-in-music post]

“take this sinking boat and point it home” — sings the duo

and he gave her a piano

and I sing along — “it’s time that you won”

and it’s 7:57, and it’s time to go