Only Lyrically

Month: December, 2010

One More Time Now!

This one’s for me, this time, straight from him who I love, across the table –

– I can already feel the song gushing out of me, the way it shall when I play it on my guitar.

For Finn

I will sing this to you, when you come here in Manila, when your Inay and Itay goes to Greenbelt for a night-out, and I babysit you, and hold you in my arms –

“we get to carry each other carry each other”

I imagine Bono singing it to me –

Your Inay loves U2, by the way.

Welcome to life, Finn! We are blessed by your arrival. Love shall be in your every breath.


dedicatori: Clarabear & Olibear

Lots of rocking-the-boat going around with the kiddies around me these days.

I hope everyone heals as fast as they could. Especially these days. Mister Frigid-O is in the air.

I know the two still love each other. But if they could be together again, well.

The two are being perfected. Their hearts are being fattened. You need to be beat  up sometimes, to swell.

Strong kids. They’ll be okay.