Darul Iman

by jenniferbalboa

I am crossing the country’s borders.

Been reaching a few other milestones recently too. Work with Rektikano is going well, and I have nothing but gratitude to the people who gave me their faith by giving me the work.

While working on the magazine earlier today, I had Angels In America on. Hearing it in the background while I work is like listening to music. It is the music of compassion. Comforting.

The rabbi Streep’s words bear even more significance to me now –

“You can never make that crossing that she made, for such great voyages in this world do not anymore exist. But everyday of your lives, the miles – that voyage from that place to this one – you cross. Everyday! You understand me? In you, that journey, is.”

And I go to a place with an Arabic name that means abode of faith.

I may not need to sing songs anymore about this journey. It already is singing to me.