Only Lyrically

Month: March, 2013

Full Moon Ride Songs

Early morning Tuesday night, I took a cab ride to the airport, on my way out of the country, for work. It was so early, around 2 AM, the sky was still dark, except for the full moon hanging over me, and I was looking at it the whole time, at my right, above, outside the window.


And these four songs played all throughout the time:


I am always, always sent off lovingly. Thank you.


trust in art

“I had the most profound encounters with people, especially lonely people, people who look like they hadn’t talked to anyone in weeks.”
“Asking makes you vulnerable.”

“I trust you this much. Should I? Show me.”
“It’s about a few people loving you up close, and about those people being enough.”
“I don’t see these things as risk, I see them as trust.”
“The perfect tools aren’t gonna help us if we can’t face each other, and give and receive fearlessly, but more importantly, to ask without shame.”
“I think when we really see each other, we want to help each other.”
“Thank you.”

the song as poem

“There’s a door
In a wall
In a house
In a street
In a town
Where no one knows her name”

There’s a writing lesson that this song teaches: the zoom out.

Four, Three, Two, One

Results will be released by March 4.

I will not be able to know immediately whether I made it or not because I will be in a remote island for work.

I don’t know what will happen, if I really got a chance, as one, two, a few people have said, I don’t know, but at these times, even when I don’t know yet where I’ll get airfare in case I get in, it would be really good to have this one, and I would be grateful.

I like how 5 and 2 are face to face, caressing each other before the waves.

To Jeniper’s heart, on Friday


After what Ms. Szymborska wrote for her heart on a Sunday, for this thing that “shoves a little boat to open sea”. After what Mr. Simon wrote and Mr. Garfunkel sings, for this thing that sails on by.