editor’s note

by jenniferbalboa

I am the editor of a magazine that serves Filipino Lasallian alumni. It’s a family I feel blessed to be part of. And every issue, the task on it I look forward to mostly is writing Straight Up!, my editor’s note, my address to these people.

This issue, at this point, I have not written it yet. In the past, I am the first to turn it over to the art director. I am that excited about it. Now, I am the last. No worries though, the art director is still busy applying corrections on the rest of the pages. I guess that buys me a little more time.

Not that it has been difficult to write, I simply have been feeling through myself and I want to be in the ideal space as I write it. I take these notes seriously because I know I am addressing a group of men and women who are passionate, who give of their hearts generously all the time, and care about what they will read in the next pages. I want to be telling them, “Let’s stay this way, let’s not tire, let’s keep at it. And thank you, thank you always.”

I love these people I serve. I want that love felt in my words.

Alright. Lunch, bath, and then love.