Only Lyrically

Month: May, 2013

it’s always fair and just

which means I have to give a little bit more to life

love letter

Within the next 24 hours, I am writing Mama Lykes a letter, a letter of gratitude and love, mapping out plans, making an inventory of every grace earned in the past few weeks, from the mountain, from the city by the sea, from strangers, from their unexpected kindness, passed through me like a dream. I can only hope I have been kind too in return, and whatever I’ve given have been useful. Letters can be useful. I love writing letters to friends. But what I love best is being next to the beloved. I guess at least I get beheld through my letters. That’s a grace enough. And so within the next 24 hours, I am working some love.

I’d like a love song to go with that.

good sum

I have written it many times before and I’ll write it again – I am marching to this song. To this exact cathedral-friendly version. He will be kind enough to allow it because, apart from feeling how the song would echo across the vaults, he sees all that led to the moment’s sum, and how it all infinitely adds up to the unseen good, all ever coming, all constantly here.

Alright, back to work. Good work.