Only Lyrically

Month: October, 2014

“train-whistles, sweet clementine”

I love always

a case of less-than-a-case-of beers


Because I can’t seem to move forward in writing a travel feature, and because the caffeine seems not to be working, I took the advice of a fellow travel writer a few hours ago, and shifted to alcohol instead.

But when I went to the store at the corner, as I placed the slim beer bottles on the counter, the clerk greeted me with: “Ate, iinom ka? Bakeeeeet?!”

To which I laughingly replied: “Bakit hindi?!”

What is so weird about a woman, alone, buying herself just a couple of beers? They don’t even have lights anymore, nor cold pale pilsens, I had to settle for tweetum-apple-flavored.

Something similar happened to me sometime ago, but in the opposite store, their competitor store, the bakery:

Perhaps I should’ve just bought bread. And dip it in coffee.

Perhaps I should not be drinking anything at all, caffeine or alcohol, because I am supposed to be running early tomorrow.

Perhaps I should really scare those kids at the store and next time place a gin bottle on the counter.

Perhaps I should just tell anyone who asks, next time: “Cheers!”

N., I’m only sleepy, it’s not working.

Then again, that place I’m writing about is known for a drink: the sling.

I can only feel some rhymes coming.

I got to sing.