the lyricist

sings the body electric

wears her heart on her sleeve

a walking contradiction, a cliche

laughable but real




This site features essays and vignettes on life lived with music (laid down or airborne), reviews of records old and new, and the author’s other passions.

The author serves as senior writer and contributing photographer for asianTraveler Magazine; contributor at Seafarer Asia Magazine, Manila Bulletin’s business lifestyle section Business Agenda, and Fully Booked Zine; and handles lifestyle writing projects for Virtual Ideas. She was a former associate editor in asianTraveler Magazine, as well as in Island Weddings Magazine, and has also been a contributor for Balikbayan Magazine of The Asian Journal Group of Publications. On the side, she is involved in several website development projects and corporate consultancy. Prior to all these, she served a Manila courthouse for ten years as a translator. She then had an almost three-year service as a pioneer writer for a start-up environmental website, writing its daily green living and policy news and features.

She is also pursuing graduate studies on creative writing at De La Salle University, currently working on her 30-poems-or-so thesis.

She used to say that she is merely a versifier. Realizing now that her reluctance stemmed from her lack of faith, and realizing too that her readers cannot grant her faith if she does not have it for herself, she has finally decided to claim it: “I am a poet”. Now she has to make good with that.

Sometimes she thinks she might have been a lounge singer in a previous life, maybe during the roaring twenties, if there is such a thing as a previous life. She wishes she had seen the sixties and the hippies. She is proud and thankful to have had her teenage years during the nineties.

Her cheers are cheap – her dreams, basic and easy. It is what everyone wants, bottomline. And it’s coming. Apart from that, she prays for a Pixies reunion, international publication for all her friends who write, and, as the song goes, peace, prosperity, and love for all mankind.





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