Only Lyrically

Tag: Karen O and the Kids



I have a feeling that entry on the Moz’ latest record will take a long time to get here.

It won’t be getting here until I have seen Carol.

I am listening to the soundtrack right now, as I write down these words.

How did they pack all this joy in this record? How did they do it?


* * *

Since I first heard last year that the film is coming here, I have been waiting for it, waiting for it like I used to wait for Christmas and fireworks on New Year’s Eve, when I was a kid.

Then I heard about this soundtrack. And it has since been my companion in the wait.

I have been listening to it in Grooveshark. One of my co-writers, before she left our company, even stuck something in my computer to give me the same soundtrack, so I could listen to it even when the network is down.

Today, at work, we sort of have been forewarned that Grooveshark may be taken away any time soon, to speed up the network.

So not until today did I cram to find the soundtrack file that my co-writer stuck in my unit. And not until today did I learn how to play an mp3 file in this unit.

And  not until today did I realize that the version of the soundtrack I have been listening to in Grooveshark, despite my painstaking assembly of it, actually lacked one track — Worried Shoes. The soundtrack given to me had it. I immediately searched for it in the net and updated the Grooveshark list.

Just when I thought I’ve heard it all, comes another song.

My first order of business, as soon as I get myself a new guitar, will be to learn all these songs, and play and sing them all.

* * *

But that is not why I am writing now.

Ms. Diego answered my letter. She said I can come.

I feel like a song.




I have just sent a letter to a certain, asking her if a certain 31 year old kid could come.

Saturday. Fully Booked Taguig. 3 to 5 p.m.

There will be games! Story telling! Snacks! Giveaways!

Of course I’ll leave the snacking and the gift-giving to the kids. 😀

I hope they’d let me go. I could sing them the songs. Maybe I could even bring a guitar!

Come one and come all, my fellow wild things!

“all is love, is love, is love!” “leave my troubles in the sand, i see water, i see land!” “heads up! heads up! heads up!”